Charity Work

WES make an effort at putting back into the community, both locally and overseas.

In particular, we work with charities such as Events For Namuwongo and Harambee Schools Kenya.

WES took on the role of arranging airfreight from the UK to schools into these areas, and have supplied a member of staff, Steve Phipps, to oversee the transportation of equipment into schools. He’s even helped build a few of them!

We’ve also been part of the global events industry that have adopted a slum community on the edge of Kampala, Uganda. Events for Namuwongo was set up by the industry with the aim of solving a plethora of issues that have plagued this small community, with particular attention to providing safe, clean drinking water, healthcare and education for all of it’s residents. Danielle Potter, went to visit the sites to get up to date on how the work that has been aided by the industry has helped the local community. She noticed a small community that is slowly recovering and beginning to thrive after years of poverty. WES are proud to have been a part of this project, and continue to work with Events For Namuwongo to further improve living conditions for the children of Namuwongo.

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